Nickel Plant

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Nickel Plant


JordProxa was approached by Helenic Minerals based in Cyprus for the supply of a crystallisation plant to produce battery grade nickel sulphate. The scope of work included a feed liquor pre-concentrator, a nickel sulphate hexahydrate crystalliser, slurry dewatering, product drying and bagging, and all associated utilities.

Nickel sulphate feed liquor is concentrated in a falling film type evaporator, driven by a single stage Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR) fan. The concentrated liquor is then fed to a draft tube baffle (DTB) type crystalliser, where nickel sulphate hexaydrate crystals are produced. The crystallisation step is driven via a two-stage MVR fan set. The plant employs multiple wash steps to ensure the production of ultra-high purity crystals, which are dried in a fluidised bed-type dryer and bulk bagged for sale.

JordProxa aligned the fabrication and delivery of the equipment to meet the client’s expedited schedule of only 12 months (from design to the delivery of equipment). We leveraged an established network of fabrication alliances in Europe and Asia and staggered the delivery of equipment to meet the site construction schedule. The plant was ready and commissioned in less than sixteen months since project award.


  • •Battery grade nickel sulphate crystallisation


  • FFE for pre-concentration, DTB crystalliser, FB dryer and automated bagging plant

Key Features

  • MVR for energy efficiency
  • DTB crystalliser for superior crystal characteristics
  • Fast track supply in only 12 months