Our crystallisers are often used in resource processing plants and are renowned for their robust and reliable operation. We have extensive experience in producing a range of metals salts and salt by-products for the following industries:

  • Energy metals (batteries)
  • Coal mining
  • Petroleum processing
  • Oil and gas processing

This sector demands high levels of client and engineering team integration. Our process and engineering specialists often act as front-end-engineering-design (FEED) partners during the project development stage, leading ultimately to the implementation of an optimised system of high integrity which performs to expectations.

Products processed and recovered in such projects include:

  • hydrometallurgical plant evaporators (concentration stage)
  • lithium sulphate
  • lithium hydroxide
  • lithium carbonate
  • cobalt sulphate
  • nickel sulphate
  • potassium sulphate
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • sodium carbonate
  • glaubers salt (sodium sulphate decahydrate)
  • sodium sulphate


Industrial clients need robust, cost and energy efficient solutions with guaranteed online time, particle size distribution and product purity. Our team has proven expertise in the following sectors:

  • Fertilisers
  • Coal to chemicals
  • Organic chemical manufacturing
  • Nuclear isotope manufacturing

With complex and variable feed quality, we frequently develop customised processes to address our clients’ diverse needs. Our experience includes the production and recovery of:

  • ammonium sulphate
  • calcium nitrate
  • citric acid
  • magnesium sulphate
  • monoammonium phosphate
  • potassium chloride
  • potassium sulphate
  • sodium carbonate
  • sodium chlorate
  • sodium chloride
  • sodium monochromate
  • sodium dichromate
  • sodium nitrate
  • sodium sulphate

Zero Liquid

Procuring fresh water is becoming increasingly expensive, particularly in water-scarce regions of the world. As such, the treatment of effluent as an opportunity to harvest water for re-use, while simultaneously reducing pollution, has become a key component in a broad strategy to recycle water, recover by-products and eliminate the discharge of harmful liquids into the environment.

JordProxa is committed to finding innovative solutions that achieve zero liquid discharge from effluent streams at a realistic cost. We combine a range of practical pre-treatments to modify the chemistry of effluents, followed by proven evaporation and crystallisation technology to separate clean water for recycling, and the recovery of solid by-products wherever practical.

We offer several ZLD system solutions to clients in the following fields:

  • Mining and ore processing
  • Metals refining
  • Power generation
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Oil and gas systems

Our expertise covers a wide range of applications, including:

  • Reject (brine) from membrane systems
  • Mine drainage water treatment
  • Cooling tower blowdown treatment
  • Coal to chemicals wastewaters
  • Scrubber blowdown treatment
  • Demineralisation waste
  • Nuclear plant effluent treatment
  • Landfill leachate
  • Flue gas desulfurisation blowdown